Lundblad Piano Studio

Student Honors

This page is dedicated to all of my hardworking students out there.  If you would like to submit a photo of your child from a past recital, festival, or competition, please send it to me via email, and I will post it with your permission.

MMTA Honors Concert 2016

Congratulations to Kate, Jack and Brianna for performing in the 2016 MMTA State Honors concert!


MMTA Honors Concert 2015

Congratulations to Emma for performing in the MMTA 2015 State Honors Concert!


MMTA Honors Concert 2014

Congratulations to Brianna and Emma for making it into the MMTA State Honors concert in 2014! 

Christine's Senior Recital 2013

MMTA Honors Concert 2013

Congratulations to Ashleigh, Mikayla, Megan, Jack and Marcus (below) for playing in the MMTA State Honors Concert in 2013! 

Marcus also dazzled us at his Senior Recital in May. He was also given a financial piano award toward college.

MMTA Honors Concert 2011


Christine, before the 2011 MMTA Honors Concert, Senior Young Artist Category

Marcus (shown a few pictures below), also performed in the MMTA Honors Concert in 2011.

Karrine's Senior Recital, 2011

Karrine played a full senior recital in Spring 2011, and was also the recipient of a piano scholarship to BYU Idaho.  She regularly accompanies choirs and musicals, plays background music for events, and is a percussionist in band.  She is pursuing piano in college.  Good work Karrine!

Karrine's Senior Recital, 2011

  Karrine played duets with each of her three sisters, and even one with me!

MMTA Honors Concert 2010

Christine, before the 2010 MMTA Honors Concert.

MMTA Honors Concert 2010

Marcus, before the 2010 MMTA Honors Concert.

MCA Recital II, 2010

MCA Recital I 2010


Luke--Graduated May 2009

Luke graduated in May 2009, and was the first student who had taken lessons from me from start to finish.  He is pictured below in a master class with Tigran Alikhanov, the director of the Moscow conservatory (2008.)  Next is a photo of Luke and Mrs. Lundblad with David Dubal, an instructor at Julliard, after Luke played in a master class with him at MacPhail the summer of 2009.  He also played a full Senior Recital, and made it to Finals in the MMTA Young Artist Competition.  He was also offered a college piano scholarship.  Good work, Luke!      


Laura made it to MMTA Finals, and into the final concert in May 2009.  She is a very musical player who moved to Vienna this year.  We hope she is enjoying her time in Vienna, and enjoying many musical experiences there!

MMTA Honors Concert--May 2009

Laura and Luke (above) both played in the MMTA Honors Concert at the Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota in May.  Laura was in the Intermediate A division, and Luke was in the Young Artist division.  Other student finalists:  Marcus, Zach, and Amanda.