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North Branch Piano Lesson Information

North Branch Piano Lessons

Lesson Times:  Students register per academic school year.  Weekly lessons are offered before during or after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at my home for 30 minutes (beginner/intermediate), 45 minutes (intermediate/advanced), or 60 minutes (advanced.)  Students must receive permission to sign up for 60-minute lessons.  I often teach homeschoolers or PSEO students during the day.  A 6-week summer session is offered, as well.  The lesson times are arranged directly with the teacher.

Lesson Tuition:  $103.33/month for 30-minute lessons ($30.00 X 31 lessons per year, divided by 9 months), or $155.00/month for 45-minute lessons ($45 X 31 lessons per year, divided by 9 months.)  This includes 28 private, two group piano lessons, and one recital.

Other Fees:  A $30.00 annual registration fee is due at the time of registration and a $40.00 per child music account deposit fee is due at the time of registration, not to exceed $80.00/family.  All books will be purchased for the student by the teacher and deducted from this fee.

Lesson Payment:  Payment for lessons is done one of three ways:  (1)  Automated:  A monthly electronic funds transfer from a checking account; 2)  Semesterly (due on September 15th and January 15th); or 3)  Yearly (due on September 15th).

Absences:  If a student is to be absent, I need to be notified by 7:00 a.m. the day of the missed lesson on my cell phone.  This is so I have enough time to ask another student to take that lesson time. I do not answer the phone during lessons, but I check messages often, and will usually receive the message in time.  If I am not notified in advance, as in the case of a student forgetting his/her lesson, that lesson will not be made up.

Make up Lessons:  Two make up lessons are added on the calendar to be used in the event of any missed school-year lessons.  Any other lessons missed (more than two) will not be made up.

Instrument Needs:  It is important that a student have a full-size (88-key, weighted, touch sensitive) piano, digital piano, or keyboard with a pedal for regular weekly practice. Students must have a full-size instrument in the home before lessons begin.  

Parental Involvement:  It is important that students have parents who are willing to: 1)  help their children remember their piano books on their lesson day; 2)  sit with them and review their lesson assignments weekly; and 3)  encourage them to practice and play for others at home.

Summer Lessons:  Students have the option of taking summer lessons for a 6-week session.  The students who take summer lessons are given priority for fall lesson spots and times.