Lundblad Piano Studio

Maranatha Christian Academy General Piano Lesson Information

Maranatha Christian Academy

Instructors:  Krista Lundblad, Carmen Huisinga and Angie Stanislowski

To inquire about piano lessons  Please contact Krista Lundblad at, Carmen Huisinga at, or Angie Stanislowski at

Lesson Times:  Students register per academic school year.  Weekly private lessons are offered before or during school at MCA.

Lesson Tuition:  $100/month for 30-minute lessons. This includes 27 private, two group piano lessons, and one recital.

Other Fees:  $30.00 annual registration fee per student due at the time of registration and a $40.00 music account deposit fee per student due at the time of registration.  All books will be purchased for the student by the teacher and deducted from this fee.

Lesson Payment:  Payment for lessons is done one of three ways:  (1)  Automated:  A monthly electronic funds transfer from a checking account. 2)  Semesterly (due on September 15 and January 15) or 3)  Yearly (due on September 15.)

Absences and Make up Lessons:  School-Related Absence:  This is where a class goes on a field trip, or is for school cancellations such as snow days.   Your teacher will usually know about these absences in advance, so no phone call in advance is necessary.  These lessons will be made up.  Excused AbsenceLimit Two. Two lessons will be made up due to the following circumstances per school year:  a sickness, vacation, appointment, or an extracurricular activity.  Absences due to the above circumstances will be made up only if your teacher receives a direct phone call by 7:00 a.m. the day of the missed lesson, although two weeks notice is preferred. This is so I have enough time to contact another student to take your lesson spot for that day.  It is not enough to contact the school office, because I work independently of the school.  Teacher Absence--where the teacher is absent.  These missed lessons will be made up.  Missed make up lessons and missed group lessons will not be made up. 

Other Expectations:

Music:  Please help your child remember his/her music each week, as you receive much more value for your money when your child has their materials with them.

Coming to lessons:  It is appreciated if students to come to their lesson at their specified time for those who are old enough to come on their own.  If a student is late to his/her lesson, the time lost will not be credited toward another lesson.  Students 6th grade and older will not be picked from their classroom as they are old enough to remember their lesson time.  If students 6th grade and older do not show up for their lesson, the lesson will not be made up and will count as an unexcused absence.

Instrument Needs:  It is important that a student have a full-size (88-key, weighted and touch-sensitive) piano, digital piano, or keyboard at home. Students must have this before they sign up for lessons.  See the tab that says "Pianos vs. Keyboards" for more on this topic.

Parental Involvement:  It is important that students have parents who are willing to: 1)  help their children remember their piano books on their lesson day; 2)  sit with them and review their lesson assignments weekly; and 3)  encourage them to practice and play for others at home.

Summer Lessons:  Students do have the option of taking summer lessons at MCA for a 6-week session.  The students who take summer lessons are given priority for fall lesson spots and times.